thoughts in a moment

hey, I’m Shannon. I am a Mom and Communications professional. These posts are all my daily fleeting thoughts, and trust me I have a lot of random ones. Mostly you will find posts about the ups and downs of motherhood and plant-based food, because those are my absolute two favourite things. I am currently trying to give up dairy (gasp!) but, it really is for the best… so you will find I post a lot about my food adventures and new recipes I am trying. I consider coffee a food group and there is never, ever enough of it in my world.

When I have a second to spare, or when I am not chasing busy boys around the house, I can be found sipping coffee and chatting about safer personal care products from Beautycounter.

Overall, I try to be a pretty positive person and I like to take pleasure in the simple things.

I love connecting with like-minded people so, if any of this resonates with you, drop me a line!